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Coronavirus measures at

Jaeger in North America

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is posing major challenges to people, companies and countries worldwide. The past weeks have demonstrated: only together can we succeed in overcoming this crisis. At Jaeger USA, we value the health and safety of our people, customers and the communities where we operate.


Jaeger USA is the private label manufacturing partner

Specializing in both air and waterproofing solutions for the Construction Industry.

Shower Sealing System Anti Capillary Tap

Products are designed to save time, prevent moisture, water, and air leakage in the building envelope.


Jaeger USA's Portfolio is Organized into Four Segments.



Within the product families you will find; waterproofing sheet membranes for both above and below grade application, accessories for shower installation systems, water, air, and vapor-permeable sealing tapes, sub-floor uncoupling membranes, and components for textile, shoe, leather, and tolling services.

Jaeger USA's Portfolio is

Organized into Four Segments

Air, Water, and Vapor

Barrier System Components

Air Barrier

Exterior Sealing Systems

Fully Bonded Sheet Membrane

Below Grade

Shower Sealing Systems

Doubleflex Fully Bonded Sheet Membrane


Shoe and Leather

Eco Brochure

Jaeger USA Shower Sealing Systems 

Components for Tiling

Bonded Waterproofing System for Tiled Showers, Steam Showers, Steam Rooms, and Bathtub Surrounds

The process of building a house starts at the ground level. To build a watertight structure on both the interior and exterior wall, the building envelope design is crucial to keep out unwanted water and air. 

A structurally sound building enclosure has a space created to support the building which can lead to energy loss and poor climate control. Components of the building envelope include a waterproofing membrane and air barriers to prevent air and water leakage.  

As an energy savings building envelope involves a physical separator between the conditioned and unconditioned air and the construction of a building. Waterproofing systems include water resistance, air barriers, and noise transfer.

Shower Sealing System Sealing Tape Platf

An integrated family of products that create an impenetrable sealing system

The top side of Jaeger USA's waterproofing membrane is fleece-coated with an anti-bacterial film and offers an ideal base surface for every type of tile glue. Its polypropylene composition protects the substrate from moisture penetration, which is particularly important in today’s building environment where most substrates are moisture sensitive. Learn more about using waterproofing sealing membrane in your bathroom from one of our favorite contractors: DIY Tile Guy ​

The selection of products manufactured by Jaeger USA is not only of the highest quality but is also available in a variety of custom options specific to your company.  We work with you to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for. With top-of-the-line materials, cutting-edge technologies for production, and our experienced support team, we guarantee complete satisfaction.

​Basic kit component options available are a waterproofing membrane, waterproofing strip (available in two different options), pipe seal, mixing valve seal, preformed outside corners, and inside corners.  Designed to be installed in conjunction with either a sloped mortar bed or the Jaeger USA (coming soon) prefabricated foam trays.

Shower Niche Box

Plan ahead for your bathroom remodel

Product Family provides 

reliable waterproofing systems

If you are planning to redo your bathtub or shower area, consider completely replacing the walls in that area. This is where you can be proactive to save your home from mold, water damage, and costly repairs. A common misconception about tile and grout is that they are waterproof. Though you may believe that the fiberglass surround or the ceramic tile that you have protects from water getting behind, in most cases, this is not true.

Though ceramic tile itself is waterproof and can prevent water from getting behind the walls, ceramic tile often cracks, allowing water to slowly build up and create an environment perfect for mold. The grout used to set ceramic tiles can also crack and allow water to seep in behind the walls. As grout gets older, it not only gets hard to clean but also becomes more vulnerable to cracking.

Before tiling a shower, it's critical to install the shower pan and the rest of the components of Jaeger USA's shower sealing kit correctly to avoid mold and other serious moisture issues. Whether it’s a renovation or new construction, waterproofing is necessary for any type of shower or wet area.

The benefits of a good building envelope

No Waterproofing Protection

Prep Shower Tray/Substrate

Before Applying Tile

A thin, crack-bridging sealing membrane is made of tear-resistant polyethylene film. Thanks to the dual-sided special fleece lamination, the polyethylene film offers the optimum anchoring for tile-laying materials.​

Perfect for fast sealing measures on building sites with fixed deadlines in combination with ceramic tiles and slabs as well as natural stone floor coverings for indoor wall and floor surfaces.

Resistant to mildew, fungi, and germs, a tile is a no-nonsense option for the wet-prone surfaces of a bathroom. As flooring, it’s easy to clean. As a tub wall or shower surround, it’s a mold-free work of art. On the ceiling, it’s unfazed by steam and moisture.


No single building material is more appropriate than tile for a residential or commercial bathroom. Tile is an excellent addition to your shower walls, backsplashes, or even as a statement wall standing alone. Wall tile adds depth, character, and dimension to your space, not to mention protecting the surface.

Jaeger USA Shower Sealing Systems

Sealing tape

Flexible Sealing Tape Platform 1 and 2

Jaeger USA’s Flexible Sealing Tape is a stretchable flashing tape made from an elastic non-woven polyolefin factory laminated to a proprietary adhesive.  As a crucial component of a fuel-efficient building envelope, the cross stretchable sealing tape is intended for flexible joint sealing in combination with the Jaeger USA shower sealing system and tiles.  An ideal waterproofing product, the flexible sealing tape instantly seals out water, air, and moisture.
Carrier: modified polyester non-woven (Pl. 1) polyester knit (Pl. 2)
Membrane: permanently elastic, age-resistant, thermoplastic elastomer

Shower Sealing System Sealing Tape

Flexible Sealing Tape Platform 3

Shower Sealing System Sealing Tape Platf

Sealing and assembly tape for sealing in particular wall corners or the corner areas of a structurally sound waterproofing system where water resistance is important. Jaeger USA’s Flexible Sealing Tapes are made of an elastic and pliable material and serve as a waterproof membrane on the shower rim and applied before tile. The sealing tape serves as a spacer between either the interior or exterior wall in the laying of tiles and as the basis of a sealing joint.

Carrier: polypropylene non-woven, top and bottom

Membrane: TPE-, PU-, PE-sealing layer

Anti Capillary Tape

Adhesion enables water to “climb” upwards through thin glass tubes (called capillary tubes) placed in a cup of water. This upward motion against gravity, known as capillary action, is what you don’t want to happen in your shower stall.

If there are no waterproofing sealing tapes used before tiling your bathroom remodel, humidity can get into the spaces under tile or between the joints of the wall due to capillary action. The anti capillary tape is an air and moisture sealant used as a sealing strip for breaks in the building envelope where the shower sealing system membrane overlaps.

Jaeger USA’s Anti Capillary Tape is a safe and permanently effective passive capillary drainage system for floor assemblies. The material is installed in interior areas into thin bed adhesive over a sloped waterproofing shower sealing system.

Carrier: polypropylene non-woven, top and bottom

Membrane: permanently elastic, age-resistant, thermoplastic elastomer

Sealing Tape / Platform X

Jaeger USA's Platform X elastic sealing tape that can be stretched in all directions for use when sealing connections and flexibility is needed in the shower sealing system application. 

Carrier: special non-woven with elevated extensibility

Membrane: TPE- or PU-sealing layer

Sealing Tape Platform X

Jaeger USA's Platform X elastic sealing tape that can be stretched in all directions for use when sealing connections and flexibility is needed in the shower sealing system application. 

Carrier: special non-woven with elevated extensibility

Membrane: TPE- or PU-sealing layer

Cut Protection Tape

Shower Sealing System Components

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