Indoor Sealing Tape

Jaeger USA is the private label manufacturing partner

Specializing in both air and waterproofing solutions for the Construction Industry.

Products are designed to save time, prevent moisture, water, and air leakage in the building envelope.


Jaeger USA's Portfolio is Organized into Four Segments.



Within the product families you will find; waterproofing sheet membranes for both above and below grade application, accessories for shower installation systems, water, air, and vapor-permeable sealing tapes, sub-floor uncoupling membranes, and components for textile, shoe, leather, and tolling services.

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Shower Sealing Systems

Exterior Sealing Systems


Cut Protection

Uncoupling Membrane

Installation Instructions

Uncoupling Membrane Brochure

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Shoe and Leather

Components for Window Sealing

Door Weatherstrip, Window Sealing Tape, Flashing Tape

Jaeger USA offers a wide range of adhesives for the building and Construction Industry. We have specialty tapes for every application and create custom adhesive solutions. Converting Capabilities.

Components for Air Barrier

Why is air sealing in buildings important?

Air and Vapor Barrier Sealing Systems

Air barriers are essential for a high-performing building envelope. They dramatically improve building energy efficiency, indoor comfort, and longevity.

The air­proof­ing lay­er pro­tects the in­su­la­tion from mois­ture and con­dens­a­tion from the in­side, en­suring that the in­su­la­tion works ef­fect­ively and provides a healthy in­door liv­ing en­vir­on­ment.


Jaeger USA's private label air, water, and vapor barrier sealing systems are made to industry standards and collaboration with your team allow personalization of your products for your brand.

Air Barrier Platform Options

What is an Air Barrier?

Air barriers are systems of materials designed and constructed to control airflow between a conditioned (indoor) space and an unconditioned (outdoor) space.

Air barriers can be mechanically fastened building wraps, adhesive membranes, fluid-applied materials, insulating board stock, non-insulating board stock, spray polyurethane foam, poured concrete, metal, glass, and a host of other materials.

Airtight homes, small businesses, and skyscrapers provide better indoor air quality because an effective air barrier blocks dust, pollen, smoke, and other outdoor pollutants.

In tight buildings, the ventilation system and not air leakage provides virtually all of the building's fresh air.​

The air­proof­ing lay­er pro­tects the in­su­la­tion from mois­ture and con­dens­a­tion from the in­side, en­sures that the in­su­la­tion works ef­fect­ively and provides a healthy in­door liv­ing en­vir­on­ment.

Air and Vapor Sealing System

What is a Vapor Barrier

Vapor barriers (or vapor retarders) are materials used to slow or reduce the movement of water vapor through a material. Vapor barrier materials are installed on the warm side of the insulation in a building assembly, as determined by climatic conditions. In warm climates, it will be on the exterior and in cold climates, it will be on the interior.

The thermal in­su­la­tion sep­ar­ates the in­door from the out­door cli­mate. The tem­per­at­ure dif­fer­ence between the two cli­mates at­tempts to be­come equal­ized through the flow of air.​

This means in winter the warm air from the build­ing trans­fers through the struc­tur­al ele­ments to the out­side. The air­proof­ing lay­er pre­vents this airflow, and there­fore the loss of hot air to the out­side.

The in­teri­or space is here not her­met­ic­ally sealed off – like us­ing a plastic bag – from the out­side air. In­stead, the ex­change of air from the in­side to the out­side con­tin­ues via dif­fu­sion.

If in­door air were to flow un­res­tric­ted through the thermal in­su­la­tion, it would increasingly be­come cool­er the farther it pen­et­rates to­wards the out­side un­til it fi­nally emerges as con­dens­a­tion.


Con­dens­a­tion may cause con­sid­er­able dam­age to the build­ing and its com­pon­ents. Load-bear­ing struc­tur­al ele­ments may rot and lose their strength.

Components for Air Sealing

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